Monday, 21 October 2013

Rule of St Benedict - Services


I'm still reading the Rule; a portion every day - ish - sometimes there is some catching up to do.

At the moment the Rule is giving instructions for the services to be said each day, and on Sundays, and on Feast Days.

Evening Service; 6 Psalms, and 4 portions of Scripture, and some Canticles, and on Sundays another 6 Psalms....   with, and without Alleluias and Glorias

I've had an interest in Benedictine communities from reading the Brother Cadfael mysteries written by Ellis Peters, set in the thirteenth century if I remember correctly, and also from following the blog of Dame Catherine

Here's a link to a typical day at her Monastery (although they are all female, it is not a convent. She explains it somewhere)
(The website contains references to Oxford, where they used to be, and Hereford, where they have moved to. Just in case you are getting confused!)

I'm grateful for these "prayer places", where real, concentrated prayer is on-going. I'm not at all sure "how" or "why" prayer is so necessary - but I do know that it is vital.  

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