Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Rule of St Benedict

I have finally down-loaded a version of the Rule of St benedict onto my Kindle. Ever since I started following @digitalnun on twitter, and her blog in www.ibenedictines.org I have been intending to see what this is all about. For 75p one can hardly go wrong!

The Rule of St. Benedict

Not your usual choice of "holiday reading"?

I started reading it on 20th August or thereabouts, not at the beginning, but at the portion for the day, so the first chapter concerned the election of the Abbott.

My only "rule" has been to read just the portion for the day, and no more. It is very simply written, bearing in mind that it is in "King James Bible" language. I mean it is plain, like one thinks of Shakers and Quakers as "plain" and direct, and Good Sense. It reads "slowly", not like your usual "holiday page-turner", but is equally gripping. I'm finding it hard not to turn the page and see what comes next.

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After that, I read a chunk of Bible (currently early in Psalms) in "The Message" paraphrase; whoof! That's a contrast! Like hearing monastic chanting accompanied by a heavy rock beat.

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And if I still want to read some more, I turn to "The Phantom Tolbooth" which has an underlying morality somehow all tying with the above.

Then I sleep like a log.

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