Saturday, 6 July 2013

Saturday 6th July - Prayerlife

I've been idly going through some of the old files on my laptop; the compromise for extreme lightness and portability and rapid switch-on has been no CD/DVD drive and reduced disk space, so every so often it is time to hit that delete button.

I found a file called "Prayer Chart" - that looked useful.

And so it was - NOT!

It was blank.

I wonder what it had been created for?

I don't do schedules, timetables, routines, daily notes etc. very well. It took me eighteen months to follow a "read the Bible in one year" programme, and I think that's when I learnt the useless skill of reading in my sleep.

Maybe this "prayer chart" was an attempt to bring some kind of  discipline, and "proper spirituality", into my "prayer-life". If so it clearly failed!

Whoa! Do you mean to say that one has all kinds of different lives?


I thought we had just the one life on this earth - now it looks as though we live in a multi-dimensional set of parallel worlds!

Let's start again.

File:Lutjanus kasmira school.jpg

I reckon we have just the ONE life, to be lived, like Tertullian's little fish, swimming in the sea of the Spirit, the Water of Life. 

("But we little fish, like our Fish Jesus Christ,2 are born in water, and it is only by remaining in water that we are safe."  end of para 1 here ) spurgeon sermon.
Long, but grinds exceeding small!


  1. Thank you so much for this, Kirsten. It's very timely for me! Yes, we have one life ("one wild, precious life" - Mary Oliver). I may give you a link and a h/t on my blog because you've set me pondering!

    And I love the Tertullian quote - I'm happy to be a little fish!

  2. I've set myself pondering too, while I was writing this post. There are a whole load of threads ravelling (rather than un-ravelling, which is a rather scarier process!) outwards from writing this post; to do with prayer, and the Water of Life, and as also a result of looking for pictures of shoals of little fishes.

    I find myself being pulled in many directions at once as I try and follow all these lines of thinking at the same time!

    This reply to your comment is a bit of a "memo to self" to remind me to come back to these strands.