Friday, 26 July 2013

Holy Domesticity

Isn't this delightful?

An array of dishes and jugs on the shelf behind Mary's head, and her halo so radiant. I wonder what is in the little cupboards in the wall. Perhaps it is something to do with the weaving, as theu have been left open.

A hearth beside Joseph (where's HIS halo, by the way?) with a long iron ratchetty hook for hanging cooking pots on.

I wonder what Jesus is saying? He looks very happy.

Whose is the little crooked stool at Mary's feet? Is it broken, or has it been made that way on purpose? There's quite a sense of perspective in the walls of the room, but the floor has been drawn as a mathematical pattern, which makes it appear to slope steeply uphill.

Christ in a Baby walker. The Holy family at home from the Hours of Catherine of Cleves #MedievalBabies


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