Saturday, 8 June 2013

Madonna and Child

I'm starting a new category of "Pictures that I want to keep track of and not lose"

This picture comes from here:

It's not a blog that I follow, so someone else must have re-posted it.

I'm not skilled at reading pictures, or patient at stopping and looking at pictures. Sometimes I read someone else's explanation, meditation, call it what you will, and think - wow!

This one is easy to read - the Baby, totally focused on his Mother, snuggling into her neck, hand reaching for her. The Mother, head bent towards the Babe, right hand wrapped around him, and left hand somehow beckoning us closer.

Their expressions are tranquil, but is there a sadness in their eyes? In hers, certainly. I hope the babe is still innocent of his future. Let him be a little baby, and a carefree child, for as long as possible.

Late 13th c. Mosaic Icon.
@the Byzantine Museum of Athens

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  1. What a beautiful icon, Kirsten. Thank you for sharing it - I want to keep it too! I like your idea of a category of "pictures to keep track of". I'll watch with interest and may even follow your example! With a h/t to you, of course.