Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Day at our church 2013

The Easter Cross:
(for a picture of the building from the outside, go to

A Rough Version today's Sermon on Evidence for Resurrection;

This is based on the notes I made for myself, and what I understood/took from the sermon. So it may not necessarily by totally accurate, or indeed exactly what was intended by the preacher!

Rolled a "Stone" - actually a circular plastic garden tabletop - up the aisle, pretending it was a one-and-a-half ton stone of the sort used to seal a grave
This website has a discussion about the size and weight of the stone.

Four legs for the "table" to stand on:
1. The Empty Tomb - Would you stand and preach in Jerusalem, where it all happened, if you hadn't actually seen the empty tomb with your own eyes? Everyone in Jerusalem would have known everything. (check out the book "Who Moved the Stone by Frank Morison)

Historians of the period eg Gamaliel (next bit copied and pasted from Wikipedia)

According to Acts, his authority with his contemporaries was so great that they accepted his advice, regardless of how unwelcome it was. Gamaliel's concluding argument to them had been:
"if it be of men, it will come to naught, but if it be of God, ye will not be able to overthrow it; lest perhaps ye be found even to fight against God".
The Book of Acts later goes on to describe Paul of Tarsus recounting that he was "educated at the feet of Gamaliel" about Jewish law, although no details are given about which teachings Paul adopted from Gamaliel, and hence how much Gamaliel influenced aspects of Christianity.

2. The Sleeping Roman Guards. - There would normally have been 16 guards. The penalty for sleeping on duty was so severe (unpleasant death) that they would have kept each other awake.

3. Witnesses- Jesus appeared to about 500 people, singly or in groups, after the Resurrection, and was touched, or ate food on more than one occasion.

4. Jesus Changed Lives then, and Changes Lives now - horrendous things are done in the name of religion, which is a system - but Jesus is about a personal relationship - you and Him. Religion has been constructed by people around Him.  

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  1. Happy happy Easter, Kirsten! I'm sorry I didn't comment earlier but I've loved all your Passiontide/Easter posts here. All those thought/prayer-provoking links! I love the risen Christ standing between winter and summer - oh, and that 6-word idea! Must think about that...

    Blessings to you!