Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A rosary?

I was pondering how to make a personal rosary. I am not a catholic, but my first school was at a convent, which has left me with an appreciation of the value of simple repetitive prayer.

The tweets I read this morning, and today's Lent course reading and reflection, reminded me of my early yearning for one of the sparkly rosaries that were available to buy at the convent. I never bought one; maybe I was shy; maybe I was too tight-fisted to part with my pocket money.

Anyway, today I wanted to try using a rosary - but I'm not at home, I'm in hospital having some routine tests. I'm usually pretty ingenious, but one does need something to start with if you want to make something!

Then it came to me;

I've always got my hands with me...

Four fingers and two thumbs and two whole hands.

The Jesus Prayer, the Gloria, the Our Father.

Let us pray...

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