Sunday, 30 December 2012

Sunday 30th December - the Eye of the Storm

We allowed the storm to pass over our heads as darkness descended and watched the lightening illuminate the structure.

I don't remember much about today's sermon. I was too busy designing my Christmas-thank-you card, and Happy-New-Year-to-all-the-people-I-didn't-send -a-Christmas-card-to.

The reading was from Acts, something about Paul going on again about getting to the end of a race (dud metaphor for me - unless you are talking about a race to get the right answer in University Challenge or some such).

Anyway, I've sketched out my card, based on the stars in the fabulous centre decoration in the church. Somewhere in the sermon, the vicar talked about "following your star", and somewhere else a phrase like "Living inside God's Grace is like being in the eye of the storm - I wasn't paying enough attention to get more than the gist of it.

"Sermon notes" - or rather, design for New year's Card

I do feel as though I have been in a little bubble, a kind of "eye-of-the-storm" ever since my mother had her stroke on 30th October (date permanently etched in my memory).

God, I'm SO tired.

Actually, I can keep going fine - just keep on responding, reacting, responding, reacting...

My father is some ways is on a more even keel, but also showing definite signs of wear and tear. He has locked himself out of his flat twice now, and has currently lost his keys somewhere in his flat. Luckily we live near eachother in the same town, and he has a spare set, and we (husband and I) have a spare set each. The tubes from his vacuum cleaner have gone missing (has the plumber taken them, thinking that they were leftovers from the new bathroom?) Our electric cooker has given up - gave up on Christmas Day hahaha - but we have a microwave and a slow cooker and the repair man will come on 2nd Jan...

react, respond, stay in the calm place in the eye of the storm...

Keep your eyes on the star, and follow it carefully...

Hi there, 2013! How's it looking? Which is my star?


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  1. Dear Kirsten, I hope you find your star and follow it... And as you follow, that it will pause sometimes and let you rest beneath it. And may it be bright enough that when you lose sight of it now and then because you need to look elsewhere you'll quickly see it again, shining on you. A bright New Year!