Sunday, 4 November 2012

Safe in the shadow

This is a hymn I want to hang onto. It is based on Psalm 91 "That's the psalm for bad dreams" I was told by a 6-year-old in the Sunday School class that I teach.

Once a month I play the organ for the 9 am  "traditional" "red book" communion service that precedes the 10:30 "family" service.  I could be diverted along a train of thought that wonders if the "family" service isn't also "traditional", with its Sunday School or Junior Church or whatever we call it these days, and the band, and the latest worship songs....

Back on track - the organist-of-the-day chooses the hymns and songs for the service, based on local knowledge (ie what the congregation knows) and readings and title of the service. A few weeks ago I chose this one, and was disconcerted to find I was the only one who knew it! It's a simple enough tune, and the startled congregation did their best and had more or less got the hang of it by the last verse.

At the moment, with the total dislocation and emotional chaos everywhere around me (my mother had a stroke on 30/10/12 and today is 4/11/12), this hymn has been a balancing point for me.

I'm not good at learning the words for songs, so I just pick on whatever verses seems good to me at the time. At least the third line is easy to remember...

The Worshiping Church page 456

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